Henna and Glitter Tattoos

The use of Henna for body art is several centuries old at least. The people of ancient Egypt and India used this form of temporary tattoo for religious ceremonies, wedding festivals, and for simple body adornment. We also do glitter tattoos.

The Colouring Process

  • Once the Henna Paste comes into contact with your skin the dye starts to work and begins to stain the skin.The Henna Paste needs to stay on the skin for 2 hours to make sure the skin takes on a good colour.
  • After 2 hours you can remove the Henna paste by brushing it off, you will see an orange coloured design.You must not wash it or get it wet at this stage.


The Final Colour

  • After 48 hours you will not see any further colour darkening, your Henna Tattoo has reached its optimum colour.
  • The exact shade of your Henna Tattoo is dependent upon your skin type & condition and your initial aftercare. The usual colour is within a ‘Burgundy/Brown’ colour range.
  • If you have ‘peeling’ skin from sunburn, or any areas of ‘flaky’ dry skin, then do not apply Henna Tattoos to those areas, as the colour will appear to peel away or flake off when your skin does.
  • When you first remove your Henna Tattoo products and during the colour development time you need to be gentle with your skin. Avoid scrubbing, or rubbing it, only use mild soap and warm water when bathing/showering, pat the area dry etc…
  • It is extremely important to keep your Henna Tattoo dry during the first 12 hours of colour development. If it gets wet during this time it completely stops the colour development.


The Fading Process

  • Henna Tattoos products contain a natural permanent dye. The Henna Tattoo only fades away because the body naturally regenerates its epidermis (the upper layer of skin) where the Henna Tattoo has been applied.
  • So, as your body sheds its skin naturally, your Henna Tattoo will begin to gradually fade away, until it has completely disappeared.
  • On average a Henna Tattoo generally lasts between 3-15 days, it can sometimes take a further 7 days to completely disappear. But again, it depends upon your skin type.
  • The specific fading time scale for a Henna Tattoo is dependent upon the area of your body where it was applied, as well as your lifestyle at the time.
  • As a general rule, Henna Tattoos on the face and neck fade away very quickly because the epidermis is thinner, continuously exposed to the elements and washed and dried more frequently than other areas of the body. Whereas Henna Tattoos on the arms tend to last for around 2 weeks, because the epidermis is thicker, and more protected from the elements etc…
  • Your lifestyle also effects the fading time of your Henna Tattoo. If you are in and out of swimming pools, saunas & hot tubs etc… you will encourage your body to regenerate its skin at an accelerated rate, hence shortening the lifespan of your Henna Tattoo.


Please Note

Henna Tattoo products only produce ‘temporary’ stains on your skin, because your skin wears off a little bit at a time everyday.

So, be very careful as they will also permanently stain everything else that they make contact with, e.g. clothing, curtains, carpets, soft furnishings etc.


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Henna and Glitter Tattoos

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